The Big Knife

A little girl once asked the Lubavitcher Rebbe if nuclear energy was good or bad. The Rebbe, in typically Jewish fashion, answered a question with a question: is a knife good or bad? The child said it depends— if you cut your food with … Read more

How Random is a Lottery?

Mohan Srivastava’s daughter is only eight years old, but she already knows how to pick winning lottery tickets up to 90 percent of the time. She’s not a prophetess, nor is she a genius—it’s a trick she was taught by her statistician father, who looks

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A Tanya for Professor Wheeler

An unparalleled master of quantum physics and relativity has turned to rabbinic Judaism for answers to the deepest mysteries of existence. Why shouldn’t we? My correspondence with Professor Wheeler.

Back in the spring of 1987, I was called aside one morning by Rabbi Dovid Schochet, … Read more

Evolution: Myths and Facts

intelligent monkey

This article, which demotes Neo-Darwinism from fact to fantasy, appears as a chapter in a university textbook published by World Scientific. But while the science has evolved, unfortunately most scientists have not, as of yet.

It is commonly believed that Darwin’s Theory of Evolution has … Read more

The Zohar’s Bullseye

Where would you look to check if a Kabbalistic end-times prophecy had been fulfilled? How about an article by a Pentagon physicist published in the journal “Technological Forecasting and Social Change”?

Foresee or Prophecy? Data’s the question.

Long before Shakespeare wrote Hamlet, in fact long … Read more

The 5 Minute Conversion

A Chabad Chassid and a Hezbollah trainee meet on a subway and strike up a conversation… If you think this is a joke, then think again. – An extract from “The Abraham Principle”

My wife and I were traveling on a Toronto subway, sitting and … Read more

Making Light of the Matter

Albert Einstein was a clever man. After all, what other type of a fellow could come up with something so bizarre as e=mc2.

This elegant synopsis of Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity means that every material object is nothing more than a bundle … Read more