Simplicity 2.0

Life was different then.

Before the 20th Century, “social networking” meant that either people visited you, or you visited them. In those days, visiting their “site” meant traveling by foot or wagon, sometimes for days or weeks. Leaving a “message” meant depositing a handwritten note

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MP3s and the Good Enough Revolution

Asian trappers have a neat trick for catching monkeys. They hollow out a coconut through a small hole, fill it with chickpeas, and wedge it firmly between rocks or fasten it to a tree. Smelling the chickpeas, the monkey gingerly sidles over to the treasure

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Praying Helps, But Whom?

One single prayer can heal a relationship, according to a new study released by Florida State University.

At least ninety percent of Americans pray every day 1, asking and thanking their Maker for blessings of health, wealth and peace of mind. But what would … Read more

Refresh Rate

One of the most powerful concepts taught by great Jewish thinkers and expounded on by the Chassidic Movement’s founding father, Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov, is the doctrine of continuous creation. According to this notion, the entire world in all its detail is constantly … Read more

A Lesson from a Robot

The line between creator and creation has gotten blurrier lately, thanks to sophisticated robots that are smart enough to invent technologies of their own. These are not simplistic gadgets the likes of which you might concoct while daydreaming at a red light or doodling on … Read more

Flesh that Sees

Scientists studying perception at the Wisconsin Medical School have come up with a new technology that allows blind people to “see” well enough to catch a ball, walk around obstacles, play rock-paper-scissors, and watch a video. The device, called a Brain Port, bypasses the eyes … Read more

Quantum Repentance

Imagine if you could turn your very worst liabilities into your most precious assets. Nice dream, isn’t it?

Well, as it turns out, this is no wistful fancy but a daily reality, according to both cutting edge science and state-of-the-art religion, i.e., Judaism.

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